The goal of this two-day event is to bring together cross-industry leaders to focus and develop innovation practices and discuss strategies relating to creating and utilising seamless Change Management platforms. The intimate and collaborative environment will leave you with practical tips and solutions to issues currently faced in your organisation.


Unleashing Innovation in Change Management 2018
Special Features

At this summit, senior-level executives will discuss real-life examples of change management at work in their organisation. Join us to discuss and share your experiences with the current best practices and the latest trends in change management. This summit will give you the knowledge and tools needed for your organisation to succeed in 2018 and beyond.

It’s all about the EXPERIENCE!

  • A chance to meet world Change Management leaders – from start-ups to mature projects at the forefront of their success.
  • Cross-sector learning – find out how solutions adopted by other sectors can add value to your business.
  • Save time and money – concentrated industry knowledge in two intensive days.
  • Case studies – listen to case studies outlining the pros and cons of new and existing projects.
  • Networking and interactive sessions – Learn from your peers and build new relationships in our break out and networking sessions.
  • Discussion groups – industry-specific roundtable discussions for you to focus on the key issues that affect your business.
  • Reinvigorate your business with fresh ideas, meet industry pioneers and discover how to deliver breakthrough results.

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Why Change Management and Why Now?

Thanks to globalization and rapid improvements in the technology field, markets are becoming more intertwined. In order to compete, in these global markets, businesses need to constantly innovate. Companies are being forced to adapt or they will fall behind, yet employees still fear how the change will impact their career sustainability. As research reports that failure to secure employee support is the dominant reason for the failure of new processes, balancing the complicated issue of employee satisfaction and innovation is crucial to remaining a competitive and profitable business.

This is the second edition of our Unleashing Change Management conference, where global change management leaders meet to discuss current challenges, swap success stories and share advice on how to successfully implement change management practices within an organisation.

Points of Discussion

  • How to create a progressive, not resistant corporate structure.
  • Utilising middle management’s power to gain high level employee buy-in and support.
  • How to create a progressive corporate structure
  • How to turn rapidly changing technology into a positive opportunity for your business.
  • Stability management: ensuring employees feel comfortable with a cultural shake up.
  • Ensuring new policies maintain intrinsic corporate values as well as local office culture.
  • 2018 key performance indicators in Change Management.

Opportunities for Networking


Meet over 80 like-minded cross-industry leaders and take advantage of the networking opportunities, both formal and informal. The conference is expected to become a platform for fruitful discussion and networking among key executives from around the world, working towards a culture of innovation. The interactive programme format is structured to maximise learning and networking through fun and informative sessions.


Thursday 19th April



08:45 OPENING REMARKS FROM THE CHAIRPERSON Roy Klaassen Managing Partner, Kirkman Company

09:00 KEY NOTE SPEAKER (30 minutes incl. Q&A) The Case for Change Management: proving the impact & convincing stakeholders of the benefits. • How to measure and demonstrate actual, tangible outcomes • Exploring the breadth of Change Management: more than just training and comms! • Putting techniques into practice to drive behavioural change Ben Hutchinson, Head of Business Change, Thales

09:30 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A) Change Readiness How do we make sure that organisations are actually ready for the changes to come? – again and again…. ● Who do we need to involve – and how ● Creating an active and engaged Super User community ● Behavioural design – inspiration to move from understanding and willingness to actual ACTION Birgit Stausholm, Head of Change Integration, LEO Pharma

10:00 NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK (25 minutes)

10:25 UNCONFERENCE SESSION (40 minutes) These are participant led, networking group discussions to address the main challenges which you are currently facing. Delegates will be split into groups to discuss one challenge each and a chosen group representative will report the group’s key findings.

11:05 SPONSOR SESSION (40 minutes incl. Q&A) LIVING TRANSFORMATION – ENABLE YOUR TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY! • Why transformation is different than change • Taking an integrated approach towards transformation • The transformation chain – levers to enable transformation • Real life effective transformational moments Dr. Serge Petit, Principal, Head of Business Transformation & Simone Luibl, Partner, h&z Management Consulting

11:45 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A) 24/7: Driving change to win with customers ● Change from product to customer centric company ● Balance between customer and employee requirements ● Demystifying change management Henrietta Haavisto, Head of Service Transformation Change Management, KONE

12:15 NETWORKING LUNCH (1 hour)

13:15 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A) RECOGNISING AND GETTING READY FOR REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE • What is revolutionary change? • How to recognise a coming revolution? • How to overcome the resistance for a revolution? Nimalan Nadesalingam, Senior Change Management Consultant & Transformative Change Author, DP DHL

13:45 SPONSOR SESSION (40 minutes incl. Q&A) MANAGING LARGE SCALE CHANGE PROGRAMS FOR SUCCESSFUL RESULTS DELIVERY ● How focusing on something new means we fail to prepare for the delivery of results ● Core topics to increase the likelihood of success. ● Creating rapid, reliable, repeatable behavior change at scale – because organizations don’t change, people do! Sebastian Walter, Expert Vice Presidents, Bain & Company

14:25 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A) Change happens with and without management Why we must empower and enable all employees to drive change (even in a 100 year old state owned energy dinosaur) and how senior management can safeguard success. ● How purpose can save us ● The importance of consistent behavior & communication ● Breaking all silos! Jacques Pellis, Director Change & Leadership Communications, Vattenfall

14:55 NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK (25 minutes)

15.20 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A) INTERNAL COMMUNICATION AND SUCCESSFUL CHANGE MANAGEMENT ● The art of simplification ● Importance of stakeholder analysis ● Communication planning (who receives which message via which channel when) ● Why should I care? What’s in it for me? Inge Hazewinkel, Head of Internal and Change Communications, Canon

15.50 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A) How do we turn rapidly changing technology into a positive opportunity for your business. Alla Slavinskaya, Group Director Business Transformation, VEON

16.20 SPONSOR SESSION (20 minutes) TIME FOR CHANGE ● Getting to grips on the intangible aspect of change, the part that serves as oxygen to empower your people to make the change last. ● How to get people’s acceptance and change habits. ● Communicating to the right people at the right time. Hanne Depuydt,Consultant,Bluecrux



Friday 20th April


Two minutes will be provided to upload another challenge you are currently facing onto our event app.

Chris Pether, Peoplesmart

09:00 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A)
Generational Differences And Change Management
Today we have the opportunity to manage four different generations in our organisations. What do they expect as leadership, compensation, benefits, digital vision and communication? How can we make them work together in synergy?
Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO Belux, Ericsson

09:30 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A)
Mobilizing for Successful Change
You have an idea of the areas of change needed in your organization. Or, you might know change is needed, but wonder where and how to implement these changes. A practical guide to get going and break out of this dilemma
Mayank Saxena, Enterprise Architect (Chief Architect & Data Management),ABN AMRO

10:00 NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK (30 minutes)

10:30 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A)
TEmbrace Industry 4.0 with a CHANGE mind - How a 150-year-old company with strong customer focus rides the tide of transformation
● A changing market environment; more complex customer needs and rising regulatory risks
● The role of change managers to explain business needs, hold process owners together, and fostering a speak-up and feedback culture
● The quintessence: no CHANGE without a BUSINESS objective
Runli Xie-Uebele, Head of Change Management, ThyssenKrupp Steel

11:00 SPONSOR SESSION (40 minutes incl. Q&A)
Change Management 4.0: How digital is accelerating the performance, connection & motivation of Teams
● Stretching the change ambition: from adoption and anchoring to activation and acceleration
● Case study: Why accelerate the performance of teams with a Human Dynamic-Digital blended progression approach
● The approach. Typical challenges encountered
● First results: Business wise, Human Dynamics wise
● Sneak preview on upcoming progression areas
Marcia De Troyer, Director, & François Crop, Head of Digital Products, Efeso Consulting

11:40 UNCONFERENCE SESSION (40 minutes)

12:20 NETWORKING LUNCH (1 hour)

13:20 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A) Take-off to transformation
A practical case study about the transformation challenges Transavia is facing to become a future state company
Vincent Thamm, Organizational Developer & Agile Business Coach,

13:50 SPONSOR SESSION (40 minutes incl. Q&A)
● A look into the cultural and digital transformation at Randstad
● what does change management look like in our global strategy
● A glimpse at the future of HR
Laurence de Fontenay, CHRO & Executive coach, Randstad

14.30 NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK (25 minutes)

● Creating dialogue about how to deal with a new supply chain operating system before customers got hit
● Opening discussions between workforce and senior management to understand how the lack of their role modelling could put employees into big dilemmas
Christina Siewartz Nielsen, Senior Director, Change Communication, Falck Group

15.25 CASE STUDY (30 minutes incl. Q&A)
How Agile can you really be? Transforming teams to new ways of working.
● The Why and the How of successful transformation.
● How Agile are you? Leading by example to create most value for the business
● The transition to an agile and innovative way of working in Albert Heijn
Gebke van Gaal, Director Innovation & Agile Transformation, Albert Heijn

15.55 BRAIN SPA (20 minutes)
A roundup of the previous unconference sessions and a final Q&A and brainstorming session to generate new concrete solutions to take home with you.

Including a wrap up from Global Executive Events.